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woensdag, december 05, 2007

Dealbundle for sale


I just received an email from socialshopping site dealbundle. Unfortunately the technology company behind dealbundle, r3interactive.com, will not continue to run the platform and is planning to sell it via eBay starting monday december 10th. I wrote about social shopping services on dekoopman.net and I think it is unfortunate that this one apparently did not really pick up.

Maybe interesting for a webenterpreneur? I will post the link to the eBay sale as soon as it is available.

Please find the content of the email below:


DealBundle Member,
We would like to thank you for using dealbundle. Unfortunately, at this
time, we have decided to put dealbundle up for sale. Dealbundle started as a hobby for our technology company, but with limited resources, we simply don't have the time to grow dealbundle into something that it can, and one day will be.
Starting this Monday, December 10, 2007, we will be staging dealbundle for sale, and will be removing all user accounts and deals. Within 2 weeks, dealbundle will be posted on eBay for sale, and we hope that the right person/business will grow this community and our technology!

Thank you again. We look forward to showing you our new web application coming early next year!

DealBundle Team

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